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Vacation Care is the care that is provided during the school holidays. OSHC generally operates every week day of the school holidays except for public holidays and the week between Christmas and New Years. We are well-known in the community for providing an action-packed, exciting Vacation Care Program that offers 3 excursions a week (weather permitting). We plan our in-days at OSHC so they are just as action packed as excursions so that the children can enjoy their holidays.

Our program is available on the Friday of Week 5 each term for the upcoming Vacation Care. Please ensure that you go on to FullyBooked and complete your bookings as soon as possible to avoid days being booked out. 

During Vacation Care you must provide your child/ren with recess, a packed lunch* and a drink bottle. If they arrive without lunch they will be provided with a sandwich and the cost will be added to your account.*Please also be aware we have some children at our service with anaphalaxis to nuts so please take this into account when packing your child's lunch. Children must also arrive at OSHC with suitable clothing, footwear and a bucket/brimmed hat. If children arrive on an excursion day without a hat then they will be supplied with a new one and the cost of $9.00 added to your account.

The times on the program are departure and return times. Anyone dropping their children off after this time will be asked to make other care arrangements for that day. Group time commences at this time and this allows us to prepare children for the excursion or visitor. Most days we have about 80 children to organise into groups, discuss specific venue guidelines, provide sunscreen, check hats/ lunches etc. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Please also remember it is your legal responsibility to sign your child in and out of OSHC each day.